Dr. Ambedkar International Centre

  • Project Name

    Dr. Ambedkar International Centre

  • START Date

    01 March 2015

  • completion Date

    01 December 2017

International Centre







Located at an important location at the intersection of Janpath and Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road. 3.25 Acre ( Plot admeasuring 119.19 M x 107.28M) of land with around 30% of green area. 15 m wide Landscaped area on two sides and as well as twin level terrace gardens. Lush, verdant landscaping used as a natural noise barrier.

The Architecture of the building is contemporary aimed at enhancing better social conditions with subtle elements of Buddhist architecture.

It is conceptualized as a building in building design with an inner core, an Atrium contained within the Outer shell orbits on the ideas of free flowing circular configuration of the inner transparent core expressing liberalization and freedom, inelegant geometrical contrast to the square geometry, a rigid constrain of the outer block.

The building Form was derived on the persona of Dr. Ambedkar exemplifying simplicity and honesty – hence a square (pure geometrical form) of 65m x65m was taken as the footprint to form a cuboid 20 m high. One corner of the cuboid has been truncated to highlight a 26 m high bronze Asoka Stumbh, a prominent symbol of Indian Democracy.